Keep Your Customers Engaged!

In the digital age companies and brands alike are fighting for the few moments of awareness consumers will give them. According to a study by Microsoft people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. That’s one second shorter than a goldfish! With the barrage of information consumers get online from multiple social feeds, advertisements, and the never ending stream of content from friends it’s difficult to stand out.

You have an amazing product or service and you know others would agree- if you could just get their attention! With attention spans as short as they are it’s no wonder your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of visitors to your website who exit the site after viewing only one page) is so high! How can you stand out on potential consumers Facebook timelines or keep them on your website longer? The answer is simple: video!

According to Wistia, “people spent on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.” All that added time used on your page gives potential customers the ability to get acquainted with your brand. They may learn something about your product or service or better yet feel something from the video they watch. This helps build the emotional connection between your company and the consumer.

You might be asking, but what sort of video is relevant for my company? The four most common types of video are:

  • Explainer/Promotional. These are videos that overview your company/product/service and tell people very quickly and creatively what you are all about.
  • How-To. These are instructional videos related to your product or service and how consumers can utilize them better.
  • Product Demo. These are informational tutorials on how to use a specific product or service.
  • Testimonials. Your Yelp page brought to life. Everybody loves to see what others are saying about your business before making a purchase and video testimonials help bring those amazing reviews to life!

Although people have shorter attention spans video can help secure their attention for longer than an average post or page. There are plenty of ways to utilize video. At Unbuttoned Media, we have the right tools and capabilities to help your brand grab the attention it deserves.

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