The AB(sC)s of Instagram Consistency

Anyone trying to grow a business has heard the same advice over and over again: your presence on social media can be a key factor in the growth of your company. In our new reality where business and online engagement go hand in hand, the world of Instagram is a world of uncharted opportunity. As long as you know how to utilize it.

The fact of the matter is that nowadays, brand loyalty can be built from a simple click of the ‘follow’ button. But there’s a difference between attracting a customer to your page and keeping them there. You could have all the boomerangs, flatlays, and funny captions you want, but if there’s no CONSISTENCY on your brand’s page, you’re going to have a hard time keeping users engaged in your content on a long term basis.

But what does consistency on Instagram actually mean? And how do you start implementing it for your own businesses’ social media? Luckily, it’s as easy as the AB(sC)s.

A – Aesthetic

A good place to start with consistency is the aesthetic of your page. Chances are your brand already has its own distinct voice and feel. Make sure your Instagram page mirrors that! That could mean sticking to a specific filter, colour scheme, or photography style across all your posts. According to Social Media Today, “people remember 80% of what they see.” By providing your followers with consistent visuals that follow a similar theme, you’re not only building their expectation of what to anticipate from your page, but evoking an emotional connection between your following and your content as well.

B – Banking

One of the hardest parts of consistency on Instagram is, well, being consistent. Generating original, striking posts several times a week can be a daunting task because let’s face it – as small business owners, social media is the last thing you have time for during a busy work week. Enter: content banks! Content banks are a great way to ensure you can post consistently without the stress of taking, editing, and sharing photos all in the same day. Set aside one day a week (or every other week, or month, whatever works) to take a variety of different pictures for your feed. That way on the days where Instagram is at the very bottom of your neverending list of things to worry about, you’ve got quality content already ready to post without a second thought.

sC – Scheduling

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the hard part. The necessary creativity needed for Instagram can be wonderfully fulfilling and excruciatingly frustrating at the same time. But thankfully, the last step in our rulebook for consistency is the easiest: figuring out when to post. It seems trivial but it’s important for your followers to know when to expect content from your brand – and for you to make sure you’re posting during times where you can garner the most activity whenever you share. Every account is different when it comes to the best days and times for maximum engagement because the demographics of followers each page has is unique; an account with a younger following may find their prime posting times are in the afternoon when kids get home from school, whereas a food account may get the most engagement right before dinner time. It’s all about understanding the habits and lifestyles of those who follow you. Know your demographics people! Luckily, there are so many apps out there that compile these kinds of statistics so no extra work is needed on your behalf (or if you have a business account you can access these statistics directly through your account); and once you establish your optimal posting times, all that’s left to do is share your carefully curated content each time your golden hour rolls around and wait for the likes to pour in!

Instagram can be a confusing, scary, time consuming place. But with a little bit of planning and A LOT of consistency (there’s that word again) it’s one of the best tools to use to show the world that special thing you have to offer. So get out there and do some posting – it’s a small way to help your growing business do some big things.

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