Tell Your Story

Every business has a story. In our digital age of communication, consumers are looking to digest information as quick and easy as possible. Unbuttoned Media looks to tell your story visually through live action video to connect on a deeper level with your customers. We aim to deliver snackable content that enhances engagement and connectivity. We want to tell your story in a way that increases brand awareness and showcases your product or service. Let's create something special!

Types Of Video

What's Included?



We will sit down with you to plan and map your production details. This is where we go through our check list and you ask as many questions as you can!
Video Production


This time is used to shoot and film any interviews, products, and locations that you want in your video!


You will receive one rough cut during the editing process so you can be sure the project meets your expectations and give us feedback along the way.


We will create custom graphics needed for your video to make it pop! This includes logo animation and titles.


We purchase the rights to a song to be used for your video at no additional charge to you.

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